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Nancy shares the stories behind her books in an interview on How to Beat the Odds with Tommy Thomas.

The King and I

Have you ever wondered, or given much thought to what it actually means to be the bride of Christ? Do you long to have a passionate, intimate relationship with him? To have the kind of relationship where your beloved Savior is continuously on your mind, pulsing in your heart, and driving your behavior?

Through The King and I, Nancy Wilson shares her excitement, enthusiasm, and passion about leading believers into a "bridelike" relationship with Christ. She takes us on a world tour of miraculous displays of God's love for us, and shares how He uses common, everyday occurrences to shower us with His affection. She also leads us on a path towards falling in love with Jesus in a way never before imagined. Learn more about The King and I book and companion Worship CD.

In Pursuit of the Ideal

What would you like to be? Thinner, smarter, prettier? That's what the world expects you to be. But what is the true ideal? And how can you ever achieve it? Nancy Wilson explores these questions and helps you find the answers you have been searching for. And the answers may surprise you.

In Pursuit of the Ideal is a timely book written to a generation that needs, above everything, to know the identity and worth with which it has been created. Nancy has done an incredible job in touching the heart of the issue, through her vulnerability and willingness to share her own personal journey.

We highly recommend this book to readers of all ages anxious to understand the culture bombardments and the eternal issues that young people face daily. - Josh and Dottie McDowell

Chosen with a Mission

Are you Ready for the Adventure? In her book and companion study guide, Chosen with a Mission: Are You Ready for the Adventure?, Nancy shares her real-life adventures while presenting a solid blueprint for understanding and fulfilling the unique mission which God has for each person.

You will discover exciting possibilities of the Christian life from God's Word and His work in Nancy's life, such as:

  • Her time behind bars and experiencing the true meaning of grace
  • Her job as a dolphin trainer and learning that God's plan is never boring
  • Her battle with an eating disorder and applying God's power to overcome
  • And her world travels and practicing evangelism as a way of life.

She seasons each story with insightful truth for readers of all ages. If you are ready for the adventure, Chosen With a Mission is a must-read.

First Love

A Devotional by Nancy Wilson. Nancy's second book, "First Love," captures the passion of a ‘bridal’ love relationship with Jesus Christ through poetry and intriguing devotionals. Using poems her father wrote for her mother during their courtship over 50 years ago, Nancy creatively parallels his expression of love with the love of our heavenly Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, for His bride.

"This touching devotional about love is from the heart of my friend and co-worker of many years, Nancy Wilson. Nancy take us on a beautiful love journey, revealing great depths of love by father, Bridegroom and bride. Inspiring." -Bill and Vonette Bright, co-founders of Campus Crusade for Christ

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