Nancy Wilson

Connecting with the heart of this generation

Leader of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening

With a heart for revival and spiritual awakening, Nancy is a member of the of the National Prayer Committee, mobilizing youth initiatives and inter-generational initiatives including the Global Day of Prayer and serving on the board of “The Call.”

She was also involved in, a movement to call this generation to arise to the King “for such a time as this.”

She is available to teach and lead concerts of prayer for youth and all ages. She serves on the Mission America Coalition.

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Her leadership skills and accomplishments allow Nancy to communicate what is close to her heart about the needs of this generation and how to harness their potential for the Kingdom of God.

She has a M.A. in Leadership and Communication.

“The growing national student movement toward prayer and revival didn't rise up out of nowhere. For the past decade, godly women and men have set the pace - discipling our youth into passion for Christ; training them as prayer mobilizers; and speaking into them a vision for revival that is now catching fire everywhere. From my perspective, Nancy Wilson is a preeminent example of what God's Spirit can do through such a servant, wholly devoted to Christ and to them.”

David Bryant

Chairman of Paradise 08 and Founder of Proclaim Hope

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