Nancy Wilson

Connecting with the heart of this generation

Engaging Speaker

Nancy dynamically communicates the truth of Jesus Christ to the heart issues of this generation with conviction and compassion. She has a zeal for evangelism and spiritual awakening. Her desire is to ignite fresh love and passion for Jesus (through outreach events, training, conferences and retreats). Her speaking topics appeal to various ages and cultures through motivating them to be a part of fulfilling Godís mission.

Themes for Conferences

  • In Pursuit of the Ideal

    Realigning image, identity, intimacy
  • God’s Heart Spa

    Reviving and reigniting your heart
  • Your Presence Requested

    Understanding and embracing your invitation as Bride of Christ
  • Passionate Hearts

    Women desiring intimacy with God, women of power, purity & prayer
  • Chosen with a Mission

    Connecting with your King, conformed for His glory, called for such a “time as this”
  • Marching to the King’s Heartbeat

    God’s global purposes and how to partner with Him
  • Daughters of Destiny

    Discovering their role in God's story

Speaking topics

  • Ambassador Evangelism Training
  • Prayer and Awakening
  • Bible “Storying” for Post-Moderns
  • The Great Commission
  • Single and Secure - "Embracing the Season"
  • Inner and Outer Beauty
  • Basic "How-to's" of the Christian Life (Living by Faith)
  • Unique Women's Issues - Heart Throbs, Mind Games, Soul Ties (relationship and identity issues)
  • Bride of Christ
  • First Love
  • Mother / daughter outreaches
  • Intimacy with God
  • Chosen with a Mission
  • Keeping Your Heart Aflame for God
  • Jewish Roots of our Faith
  • Covenant-Keeping King

Speaking topics in secular settings

  • In Search for the Ideal (deals with identity and eating disorders)
  • Overcoming Addictions
  • Leaders Are Made, Not Born
  • Sonar Communication - As a former dolphin trainer, she connects dolphin encounters and relational principles
  • Finding the Love of Your Life
  • The Difference One Life Can Make
  • Connecting / Relationships
  • Women of Influence and Impact
  • Delighting in Diversity

Note: Nancy will adapt her teaching to the spiritual needs of individual audiences. You can request a booking of Nancy for your event.

Speaking Venues

  • College
  • Sororities
  • Classrooms
  • Assemblies
  • Mission Events
  • Retreats and conferences
  • Banquets and Luncheons
  • Churches
“Nancy Wilson has a contagious passion for Jesus! She always leaves an incredible impact on the girls’ lives. They are still talking about her and her messages years later. You can't help but to adore Nancy and fall in love with her desire for others to know Christ.”

Nicole Shaw

Cru San Diego (Cru High School)

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promotional photos

Nancy in Church Sanctuary

Nancy in Morning Light

Nancy with Western Hat

videos of nancy speaking

Love Poem for Yeshua

"It is Time" Women's Conference-Part 1

"It is Time" Women's Conference-Part 2

"It is Time" Women's Conference-Part 3

"This Generation"-Kenya

"It's Time" Prayer Conference

nancy's radio interviews

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